EarlyAct™ is a school-wide service club in which all students are members. The EarlyAct™ Club is self-supporting and carries out three service projects annually—one each for their school and local communities, and one which furthers international understanding.

The EarlyAct™ Club meets twice monthly for thirty minutes. Meetings are conducted by the EarlyAct™ officers. Two rotating representatives from each class attend the meetings. Meetings are conducted using parliamentary procedure, under the guidance of attending faculty and Rotarian advisors.

Officers of EarlyAct™ are selected from the two senior classes of an elementary school. For example, in a Kindergarten through fifth Grade school, the President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Second Vice President and Corresponding Secretary are assigned from the fourth and fifth grade classes. Officers are appointed by faculty advisors based on leadership assessment and teacher recommendation.

There are no dues. Monies for projects and activities are raised through EarlyAct™ Club activities. The EarlyAct™ Club submits an annual report to the sponsoring Rotary Club.


I. Rotary Club Responsibilities
  A. Formulate EarlyAct™ subcommittee within your club
    1. Appoint chairperson
      a. Act as liaison between Rotary Club, EarlyAct™, school and PTA
      b. Meet with Principal or school official to discuss plans for EarlyAct™
      c. Presentation to PTA and,or Executive Board to discuss plans
      d. Invite District Governor to kickoff event
      e. Prepare press releases for kickoff and other activities
    2. At least 2 committee members act as Rotarian Advisors to EarlyAct™ Club
    3. Administer Leadership Assessment* to select officers from upper two grades and/or act upon teacher recommendation
  B. General Club membership
    1. Attend EarlyAct™ kickoff event
    2. Act as facilitators, role models and mentors to EarlyActors.
    3. Participate in EarlyAct™ activities and projects
    4. Attend EarlyAct™ meetings when possible.
    5. Assist in Leadership Assessment review and selection of officers.
  C. Financial commitment
    1. Start-up seed money
    2. Donations of supplies or equipment i.e., tape recorder, video camera
  D. Recognize EarlyAct™ members achievements
    1. Leadership and citizenship awards to EarlyActors
    2. Parent and faculty advisor recognition
    3. Invite EarlyAct™ officers to your Rotary Club meeting.
II School/PTA responsibilities
  A. Select EarlyAct™ faculty and parent advisors
    1. Attend EarlyAct™ meetings
    2. Offer assistance and guidelines in service projects
    3. Guide officers in Parliamentary Procedures
  B. Set EarlyAct™ meeting schedule
    1. Meet at least bi-monthly
    2. One half hour meeting
    3. Suggest meeting during lunch time or other in school activity period
  C. Classroom teacher selects 2 representatives for each meeting, rotating selection
  D. Support by participation in EarlyAct™ activities and service projects
III. EarlyAct™ Club responsibilities
  A. Officers
    1. President – senior class *
    2. First Vice President – senior class *
    3. Second Vice President – junior class
    4. Recording Secretary – senior class *
    5. Corresponding Secretary – junior class
    6. Treasurer – either class
  B. Class representatives – 2 from each classroom, rotating to give more children an opportunity to participate
  C. Establish goals and objectives of EarlyAct™ Club including Service Areas
    1. School
    2. Local
    3. Global
  D. Plan and organize projects and activities
    1. Select student chairs of committees
      a. School community
      b. Local community
      c. Global community
    2. Choose activities that encompass service areas and involve the student body and Rotary Club

* Selected from the oldest class of the Elementary School.