Objectives Of EarlyAct™

The purpose of EarlyAct™ is to provide young students with the opportunities to participate in active citizenship in a culturally diverse democratic society within an interdependent world.

EarlyAct™: Partners in Character Education addresses the following objectives:

  1. The students develop committed citizenship and leadership qualities by identifying and taking responsibilities for real life problems within their school, local and global communities.

  2. The students realize the importance of respect, dignity and caring for all people by promoting good will and understanding through their active participation at school, local and community levels.

  3. The students develop high student achievement by actively participating in various projects to improve the quality of life for their school, local and global communities. They work with the sponsoring Rotary club members as facilitators, mentors and role models.

How To Start An EarlyAct™ CLUB

If a Rotary Club has an interest in sponsoring an EarlyAct™ Club, it can begin by appointing an EarlyAct™ subcommittee. One committee member can agree to act as the Rotarian advisor to the EarlyAct™ Club which involves attending meetings and offering guidance on service projects. Once the EarlyAct™ subcommittee has become familiar with all the elements of the EarlyAct™ program, it can make a presentation to its Rotary Club.

After the Rotary Club has approved sponsorship, the EarlyAct™ subcommittee can contact the appropriate school official or principal to discuss plans for an EarlyAct™ Club. The EarlyAct™ subcommittee can schedule a presentation to the executive board of the P.T.A., then the subcommittee and the principal can discuss the meeting time, place and faculty involvement. It is optimal to have several faculty advisors. The faculty advisors are the driving force behind EarlyAct™ because they are there, on site, to guide the students in carrying out the day-to-day activities of the club.

The initial meeting of the EarlyAct™ Club establishes the goals and objectives of the club. EarlyActors plan service projects which benefit their school and local communities, and those which promote international understanding.

Plan an inaugural “kick-off” event. Invite the District Governor, the mayor, and any other special guests. Prepare a press release. It is critical to contact the press and news media to publicize the event.